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What is Wetime and how can it benefit my hotel?

Wetime is an AI-powered travel tool that helps people plan their next citytrip by offering personalized itineraries and recommendations for things to do, restaurants to try, and more. As a hotel, you can offer this service to your guests to enhance their stay and differentiate your hotel from others.

How long should a business plan be?

Wetime uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data about each guest's interests, preferences, and previous travel experiences to create a customized itinerary. The more data we have, the more accurate and personalized the recommendations become.

Is Wetime only for guests who book through our hotel?

No, Wetime can be used by anyone planning a citytrip. However, hotels can offer Wetime as a value-add to their guests to enhance their stay and build loyalty.

How does Wetime integrate with our hotel's existing systems?

Wetime offers multiple integration options to ensure a seamless experience for hotels and their guests. Firstly, hotels can take advantage of the free dedicated page on wetime.eu, where personalized itineraries are created based on the hotel's data but still presented in the style of Wetime. Secondly, hotels can opt for a branded iframe integration within their website, allowing guests to access Wetime directly from the hotel's website. Lastly, hotels can choose to have a full integration of Wetime within their website, fully customized to their brand style. Wetime's integration options are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each hotel.

Can we track how many guests use Wetime and what they're planning to do in the city?

For the branded iframe and fully customized integration options, hotels can track how many guests are using Wetime and view insights into what activities and experiences they're planning for their trip. However, for the free dedicated page option on Wetime's website, this tracking and analytics feature is not included. Wetime's integration options are designed to offer flexibility to hotels while still providing valuable data insights for better customer service and marketing.